Rios: I showed great chin against Alvarado


Posted at Oct 16 2012 07:40 PM | Updated as of Oct 17 2012 03:40 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Former lightweight champion Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios said his impressive victory over Mike Alvarado last Saturday was a showcase of his great chin.

Rios and Alvarado engaged in a brutal war that saw both fighters exchange hard blows for seven high-octane rounds. It proved to be difficult to judge, with one fighter taking control of the early part of a round before the other came on strong towards the end.

Rios took the fight out of the judges’ hands, however, when he tagged Alvarado with a right hand in the seventh round that staggered him. Referee Pat Russell was forced to stop the fight when Rios started unloading on the defenseless Alvarado.

“He hit hard and he had great power,” Rios said of Alvarado in an interview with Boxing Scene.

“But I was never really hurt. He dazed me, he stunned me, like boom, whoa!” Rios related. “He woke me up, but nothing like I was seriously hurt.”

“It just shows everybody how great of a chin I have.”

Rios was quick to give credit to Alvarado, however, whom he said was the toughest fighter in the light-welterweight division.

“I knew coming into the division that I wanted the toughest guy out there, and I knew Mike Alvarado was the toughest guy. That’s why we picked him,” he said.

“I wanted to knock him down. Mike Alvarado is a very tough customer, and he wouldn’t go down. The referee had to stop it, or he would have hurt himself even more,” Rios added.

“I wanted to literally drop him.”

His performance against Alvarado also showed that he is a serious contender at the division, according to Rios.

“I had no problem with (the weight). I knew I was going to come out victorious because I don’t have to kill myself to make weight anymore,” he said.

“I told everybody before this fight, there’s a new threat at the 140 division and it’s me. And here I am,” he added.