Pacquiao beats up Floyd's former sparring partner

Posted at | Updated as of 10/16/11 3:17 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao showed pinpoint precision and superior punching power against his “cocky” sparring partner, who used to be a training partner of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

African Hastings Bwalya, who apparently emulated Mayweather, went home with bloodied nose and mouth after a 2-round sparring session with Pacquiao, according to Philboxing.com.

Bwalya reportedly taunted Pacquiao in the 1st round of their session.

"He chuckled and egged on Pacquiao to mix it up," said the report written by Winchell Campos.

Pacquiao's answer was his quick hands and flawless footwork that had the African on the receiving end of heavy punches.

The 2nd round saw the Filipino trapping Bwalya in a corner, where the African absorbed more punishment.

A powerful uppercut from Pacquiao caused Bwalya’s noe and mouth to bleed.

"Are you ok?" Pacquiao was quoted as saying after he saw Bwalya in a bloody mess.

Bwalya was “reputedly a tough sparring partner” Mayweather, when the latter was preparing for a fight against Shane Mosley.

Pacquiao is preparing for a welterweight title clash against Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12.

At stake in the fight is his WBO welterweight crown.

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