Cotto explains refusal to face Pacman again


Posted at Oct 06 2012 11:33 PM | Updated as of Oct 08 2012 12:57 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto explained why he decided to take on a relatively unknown champion in Austin Trout instead of going for a rematch against Manny Pacquiao.

Cotto told ESPN that among the factors that led to his decision are the purse and the weight issue.

"The only offer Top Rank ever made us was the same money as in 2009," Cotto said.

"[Arum] made the same offer he made in 2009, and we found it kind of funny. That was the reason we decided not to face Pacquiao. That, and they also wanted me to go down to 150 pounds and give him the same advantage that they gave Pacquiao in 2009, a catchweight."

Cotto denied the claim made by Top Rank’s Bob Arum that he was offered $13 million for a Pacquiao rematch.

"Bob said he offered us $13 million, but he never came to us with that offer," the Puerto Rican said.

Cotto reportedly received $4 million when he fought Pacquiao in a 145-pound catchweight fight in 2009. He also received 35% of the pay-per-view revenue.

The bout saw Pacquiao winning by 12th round stoppage over a badly bruised Cotto.

"He always offered us the same guarantee he offered us in 2009, with the same benefits, and that's not fair. He offered the exact same amount of money. Of course it's a business, but all we want is fair business. You can say to Bob to tell me he made that offer to me to my face, and you will see his reaction,” said Cotto.

The Puerto Rican also issued a challenge to Pacquiao, who is due for a December 8 faceoff against Juan Manuel Marquez.

"If he wants a big name and wants to fight the best, no catchweight," Cotto said. "Making catchweights is easy for them. They make the other guy have trouble making weight and they take advantage of that.”

Cotto said he will never make the same mistake he did in the 2009 fight against Pacquiao.

“I wasn't going to do that again. I am 154 pounds. I am not going to fight at a catchweight and make myself weak."