'Jones looked unbeatable vs Belfort'


Posted at Sep 25 2012 10:44 PM | Updated as of Sep 26 2012 06:44 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White was all praises for Jon Jones for the fighter’s performance in UFC 152.

White said what impressed him the most about Jones was how acted like he was not injured even after Vitor Belfort hyper-extended his elbow through an arm bar in the first round of their title fight over the weekend.

"He got caught in the arm bar there," White said in Yahoo! Sports

"There's no way it wasn't popped,” White said of Jones’ arm. “He pulled it out and started fighting like his arm didn't get popped. In no way, shape or form did that guy show any weakness whatsoever.”

Despite the injury, Jones fought on and trapped Belfort with an Americana or a figure-four arm lock in the fourth round. Belfort was then forced to tap out 54 seconds left in Round 4.

"His arm was hurt. He couldn't throw punches with it any more. He couldn't drop elbows with it any more. He made an injured elbow look like it wasn't [injured]. I think the guy looked phenomenal tonight. He took great punches from a real puncher and a guy who wanted to win that fight. … I think Jon Jones did look unbeatable," said White.

White also said that his talk with Jones after the fight went well.

White and Jones had a word war over UFC 151's cancellation, but White said everything was eventually threshed out.

"The Jon Jones conversation went much better," White said.