White thinks GSP vs. Jones a 'stupid fight'


Posted at Aug 21 2014 06:18 PM | Updated as of Aug 22 2014 02:18 AM

UFC president Dana White loves to arrange mixed martial arts (MMA) superfights.

But there’s one super fight that he refuses to set up -- the proposed mega bout between Georges St. Pierre and Jon Jones.

“GSP and Jon Jones? That’s a stretch there, my friend. There’s a bit of a weight difference between those guys. That’s not a super fight. That’s a stupid fight,” white said in BJ Penn.com.

St-Pierre is the former UFC welterweight champion, while Jones competes as a light heavyweight.

White, who has pushed a super fight between St-Pierre and Anderson Silva in the past, cited that there’s about 60-pound difference between the French-Canadian and the American champion.

He believes Jones could literally crush St-Pierre due to his weight advantage.

“What did Georges St-Pierre do to you that you want to get him killed? He weighs 170 pounds. The other guy walks around at like 230,” White pointed out.

White would rather favor a super fight between UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and featherweight king Jose Aldo.

“Even though Pettis has been injured for a while and hasn’t defended the title, he beat Ben Henderson, who is a guy who had annihilated that whole division. He beat him, and he beat him easily, and Jose Aldo and Pettis have been talking about moving back and forth to take each other’s belts. So really, that’s the only one I can think of that would be a super fight,” he said.