Hendo wants to hit Jones at 'the right spot'


Posted at Aug 21 2012 09:36 PM | Updated as of Aug 22 2012 05:36 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Dan Henderson felt he really needs his one big punch to beat light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in Ultimate Fighting championship (UFC) 151.

Henderson said that if he could only land his powerful right hand or his “H Bomb” on Jones’ chin, then the fight is over.

“If I hit him in the right spot, pretty hard, at the right time, and finish him, it's even better,” said the 41 year-old wrestler in UFC.com.

Victims of his H Bomb include Michael Bisping, Wanderlei Silva and Ryo Chonan.

Henderson will be challenging Jones for the light heavyweight title on September 1.

According to Henderson, Jones’ biggest weakness is his overconfidence. “I think he's a little bit cocky, thinks he's better than something that you are… in this fight, you shouldn't,” said Henderson.

He said that the things he really needed to watch out against are Jones’ elbows.

He added that he’ll force his opponent to the ground to put Jones on defensive mode.

“I'm not so concerned about his hands, once I'm inside and tied with him, I'll put him on his back. I've seen him how he fights from there,” said Henderson.

Balls Channel will air UFC 151 : JONES VS HENDERSON on September 2, Sunday, at 11 am.