Rematch will answer unresolved questions: Maidana


Posted at Aug 20 2014 12:32 PM | Updated as of Aug 20 2014 08:32 PM

Argentine fighter Marcos Maidana knows his first fight against American superstar Floyd Mayweather left many questions on boxing fans' minds and he plans to answer all of them in their rematch this September.

Maidana famously gave Mayweather a tough fight when they first fought last May, losing a competitive majority decision and earning a second shot at the American champion.

"I think the first fight was very even," said Maidana, as quoted by RingTV. "People have had their questions about this fight after the first fight that happened."

"The second fight will definitely take those question marks out," the Argentine guaranteed.

This is only the second time in Mayweather's career that he gave an opponent a rematch. The first time was against Jose Luis Castillo, whom he beat controversially in April 2002, then completely dominated in their rematch eight months later.

Maidana believes, however, that he will perform even better in the rematch than he did in the first fight.

"The first time, I had a little more anxiety," he revealed. "I have more time to train this time, and now I know Floyd much better. That's going to be the key for the second fight."

The Argentine won't "change that much" in his style and game plan for the rematch, aside from correcting a couple of errors that he made the first time around.

"I'm very aggressive, and I've always had all my fights be very aggressive," he said. "That's the way I'm going to be in the second fight. I'm always going to be aggressive against Floyd Mayweather."