Bradley says Floyd will 'flatten' Pacquiao


Posted at Aug 19 2012 12:43 PM | Updated as of Aug 19 2012 08:43 PM

MANILA, Philippines – A highly confident Timothy Bradley Jr. is once again engaging Filipino fight king Manny Pacquiao in trash talk, saying that the "Pacman" will be easy work for American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In an interview with RingTV Saturday, Bradley acknowledged that Pacquiao may not opt to fight him in a rematch but insisted that he is not concerned with it. 

"I have options. I'm the champion," Bradley said. "I feel as if I'm the No. 2 fighter at 147-pounds, and that’s behind Floyd Mayweather Jr."

"Once Floyd flattens Manny Pacquiao, which is going to happen if they ever fight, then me and Floyd can get it on," he said."That's easy work for Floyd."

Bradley controversially defeated Pacquiao when they fought last June via split decision. It was an extremely unpopular result and the bout was eventually investigated by the Nevada State Athletic Association, the Nevada State Attorney General, and the World Boxing Organization.

A panel of five international judges convened by the WBO re-watched the fight and on June 21 announced that Pacquiao should have won via unanimous decision.

But Bradley continues to insist that he was the rightful winner.

"I don't know why people are saying it, but Pacquiao did not dominate me whatsoever. I've read, 'he dominated Bradley for 10 rounds.' What? Dude, you've got to be kidding me," Bradley said.

"The fight was a lot closer than everybody thought it was going to be. I know that he thought it was a clsoe fight. I felt, at the time, when I was in the ring, that it could have gone either way," he added.

"My trainer was telling me that I won the fight. My team was telling me that I won the fight. I knew there was some close rounds in there, but you know, for the most part, I felt that I deserved the decision."

Bradley has gotten impatient with Pacquiao, who has yet to decide who he will fight for his November 10 return.

The Filipino can opt for a rematch with Bradley, though he may also choose to fight Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez for a fourth time or even a rematch with Miguel Cotto.

The American champion said if Pacquiao chooses not to give him a rematch, it would be a business decision but also an indication that he is scared.

"I believe that he's scared, and I believe that he would be doing it out of business," Bradley said. "But for the most part, it is what it is. I’m not going to chase nobody."

"I'm the champ. I can fight anybody I want to fight."