Maidana: Mayweather also fights dirty


Posted at Aug 18 2014 05:08 PM | Updated as of Aug 19 2014 01:08 AM

American boxer Floyd Mayweather has not held back from accusing Argentina's Marcos Maidana of using dirty tactics in their first encounter last May.

Now, the brawler hits back by claiming the unbeaten champion is not above dirty tricks himself.

"Maybe he's right. Maybe I am dirty. But look, if I'm dirty, he's also dirty," Maidana said through a translator recently. "I'm gonna do whatever he does to me."

Maidana pushed Mayweather to the limit when they fought last May, losing a competitive decision. He earned another shot at the American superstar this September, marking only the second time in Mayweather's career that he gave a rematch to an opponent.

Mayweather and members of his camp, including his father and his uncles, have not been shy about calling out Maidana for his "dirty tactics," while also insisting that the referee in the first fight, Tony Weeks, did a poor job in controlling the bout.

Maidana, however, pointed out that Mayweather also uses some dirty tricks.

"He's dirty. When he fights, he uses the elbows," he said. "He does that with a lot of opponents, but they don't reciprocate it, so I did it. In this fight, I did it, and I gave it back to him."

Maidana is the picture of confidence ahead of the rematch, even claiming that Mayweather is "not as good as people think."

"I was able to pin him to the ropes and throw a lot of punches, so he's not as difficult as people think, or invincible. He's actually hittable," he added.

"That's the thing that people don't realize. You can land on him," Maidana stressed. "I made mistakes, I was a little too anxious, but I'm working on correcting them. You can actually land punches on him."

Maidana also claims that Mayweather "never hurt me" during their first fight, although he is not underestimating the American's punching power.

"But he's got a respectable punch. You gotta respect him," he said.