'Pinoy Aquaman' will try to cross English Channel with history in mind


Posted at Aug 13 2017 04:03 AM

A Filipino veteran long-distance swimmer will try to cross the English Channel on Sunday.

Ingemar Macarine, born in Surigao but currently lives in Bohol, will try to scale "the Mount Everest of open-water swimming," a 32-kilometer-long stretch that takes Macarine off the coastal town of Dover in England to a cape called Cap Gris Nez in France.

Macarine, a lawyer, said the extreme endeavor is his way of promoting tourism in the Philippines, as well as his advocacy of keeping the seas clean. No Filipino has ever successfully swam across the English Channel.

The rules of the Channel Swimming Association will be enforced, which means Macarine must only wear swimming trunks, goggles and one swim cap. Wetsuits and floating devices will not be allowed.

He will be accompanied by at least 5 people, but he cannot be in physical contact with them or any another person during his entire swim. He cannot touch a boat either.

Weather permitting, he expects to start his swim at 2 a.m. (9 a.m., Manila time). The water temperature is forecast at 17 degrees Celsius. 

The crossing will take between 13 to 15 hours, not counting regular stops for drinking and eating. 

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