Pacquiao is No. 2 athlete in Esquire list


Posted at Aug 02 2012 08:10 AM | Updated as of Aug 02 2012 04:10 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino fight king Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is the second best athlete among all sportsmen active today, according to the Esquire magazine.

Esquire used a mathematical formula that takes into consideration the athletes' raw talent, achievements, as well as his "intangibles," with the values adding up to an athletes' total "greatness." 

"We weigh factors not in one sport but many, calculating greatness according to a formula that's admittedly full of its own built-in biases, and applying it to an assortment of men and women often considered the best in their class," said Esquire's Garth Sundem.

Using the formula, Pacquiao ranked second with a total "greatness" measure of 77.09. 

"The greatest boxer ever? Maybe, maybe not. His in-the-ring achievements alone might have landed him somewhere between five and ten on the list, but he also got a boost from the perceived difficulty of the sport itself," wrote Sundem.

Number one among the "best athletes right now" is tennis superstar Roger Federer, whose "greatness" is computed at 78.56.

"Not only can the Swiss star swing a racket unlike anybody else. He's something of an eagle scout to the sporting world, his charity far outstripping any scandal, and not a DUI in sight," wrote Sundem.

"Of course, seven Wimbledon wins and nine major sportsman-of-the-year awards don't hurt," he added.

At No. 3 is NBA superstar LeBron James (56.33), while Rafael Nadal (47.32) ranked fourth, and Tiger Woods (33.52) ranked fifth.

Pacquiao's nemesis outside the ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr., is ranked number 6, with a greatness measure of 31.35.

Rounding out the top 10 are: climber Conrad Anker (25.31), triathlete Chrissie Wellington (22.60), hockey star Sidney Crosby (22.05), and rodeo rider Trevor Brazile (21.15).

Below are the factors weighed by Esquire:

• MVP = number of times voted sport's MVP or athlete of the year
• Champ = number of major championships, max of one per year
• YouTube = number of hits on YouTube
• Google = Number of Google hits for name in quotes
• Charity = Google hits for name and "charity"
• Scandal = Google hits for name and "scandal"
• Forbes = money earned on Forbes 2011 richest athletes list
• SportSkill = Sport's rank on ESPN sports difficult list
• DUI.Assault = Number of first 10 Google hits for "name arrested" that describe real DUI or assault arrests