Maidana claims Broner is stronger than Floyd


Posted at Jul 31 2014 12:53 PM | Updated as of Jul 31 2014 08:53 PM

Argentine brawler Marcos Maidana believes American boxer Adrien Broner, whom he memorably upset in December 2013, is a physically stronger fighter than pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Maidana had earned his May 2014 fight against Mayweather on the strength of his victory against Broner, and though he was unable to beat the American superstar, his performance was impressive enough that Mayweather agreed to a rematch in September.

Having fought both Mayweather and Broner, Maidana was able to give an assessment of each fighter's strengths, as Broner has been often compared to Mayweather because of his style.

"I think Broner is stronger than Mayweather, and hits harder," Maidana told Boxing Scene. "But what I know is that Mayweather is more elastic. He can move better."

"I think Broner also felt physically stronger," he added.

Maidana had knocked down Broner in the second and eighth rounds of their fight, and won a comfortable decision.

"Up in the ring, the only thing they do the same is their defensive guard," Maidana added, referring to the shoulder roll that Broner had adopted from Mayweather.

Their offensive styles, however, are different, according to the Argentine. "Broner comes forward to attack, and Mayweather moves and runs around," he said.

Maidana will get his second chance to defeat Mayweather on September 13 at the MG Grand Garden Arena.