Maidana only in it for the money, says Floyd


Posted at Jul 22 2014 01:11 PM | Updated as of Jul 22 2014 09:11 PM

American superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. is convinced that Argentina's Marcos Maidana only wants to fight him because of the money that he can earn, and not because he truly believes he can win.

Mayweather has already beaten Maidana, taking a majority decision when they first fought last May. They will trade leather again on September 13, marking only the second time in Mayweather's career that he gave an opponent a rematch.

"Maidana isn't stupid," Mayweather told Boxing Scene. "The reason why he is trying to fight me again is because he is going to make more money fighting me more than anyone else, even though he knows he will lose again."

Maidana had given Mayweather all sorts of trouble in their first fight, and the American has more than once accused his Argentine opponent of using dirty tactics.

Mayweather, however, insisted that he does not need to make adjustments for the rematch, as he believes he clearly won their first meeting.

"I don't have to make any adjustments going into this fight," Mayweather said, "But he does. I won the fight."

The American also said he will take the chance to knockout Maidana if the opportunity presents itself.

"Of course, I want the knockout. What happens is that I fight to win," he said. "If the opportunity for a knockout is there, then I'll take it. This is like a game of chess. Every move I make is calculated."

Maidana, for his part, has mostly shrugged off Mayweather's trash talk that has only escalated during their five-city press tour. The Argentine did say he wants to "shut" Mayweather's mouth when the time comes for them to fight.

"He doesn't respect anything or anyone," Maidana said in a separate Boxing Scene report. "He might have the money, but he doesn't have the respect."

"He thinks he intimidates me? Nothing intimidates me. His talk can't hurt me, his punches can't hurt me. Come September 13, he'll be the one that's hurt," he added.