'Algieri a novice compared to Pacquiao'


Posted at Jul 17 2014 10:48 PM | Updated as of Jul 18 2014 06:48 AM

MANILA – Chris Algieri may have outsmarted Russian Ruslan Provodnikov, but a boxing analyst says Manny Pacquiao is a different fighter altogether.

Fight analyst Frank Lotierzo admitted in The Sweet Science that Algieri could provide a challenge to Pacquiao with his longer reach and counter-punching style of fighting.

“His height and length along with his determination and lateral movement should keep the fight with Pacquiao interesting for as long as it goes,” said Lotierzo.

This edge, he said, allowed the New York-based fighter to pull off an upset against Provodnikov who failed to score a knockout despite going after Algieri’s head.

Lotierzo said despite Provodnikov's punching power, the Siberian Rocky appeared predictable for Algieri.

This won’t be the case with Pacquiao.
“Compared to Provodnikov, Pacquiao has a lot more speed, boxes better, and lands cleaner from unreadable angles,” said the analyst.

“Algieri is much greener than Brandon Rios, for example, and Rios had no clue how to handle Manny…he's a relative novice. I just don't see that this kid has ever seen anything that can prepare him for what Pacquiao is going to show him.”

Lotierzo, though, said that Algieri has a story line to offer, and has thrust himself in the limelight by beating Provodnikov.

“Algieri is a good story and right now, all boxing fans know who he is.”