PH Blu Girls falter in World Cup bid


Posted at Jul 11 2014 04:21 PM | Updated as of Jul 12 2014 12:21 AM

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MANILA -- The Philippines national women's softball team opened their World Cup campaign with a good start when it demolished Team Venezuela, 3-0, at the start of the World Cup of Softball IX on July last Monday.

But the PH Blu Girls bowed to Mexico, 0-7, in their second game the following day at the Bill Barber Park in California.

Opening the 8-nation tourney, the Blu Girls team stole the show when they made two runs by the first and second innings.

A notable highlight of the game featured Fil-Am player Francesca Foti, who tossed seven scoreless innings and accrued fourteen first-pitch strikes from the opposing team.

Another Fil-Am player, Dani Gilmore, snatched the third run at the fifth inning, following the steps of Garie Blando and Francesca Altomonte who made the first two home runs. The team also gathered on hits, accumulating ten hits in total.

During the game against Mexico, though, the girls were not able to hold their form as Mexican pitcher Erika Bennet kept the girls at bay in all five innings that she was on the rubber.

Pitching a shutout, Mexico did not allow any of the Blu Girls to cross the plate on two hits while ringing up four.

The Philippines was battered further when Mexico's Brandi Melero racked up six RBIs (runs batted in) on two hits. She doubled in the third inning and homered in the fifth inning. The lead stayed with Mexico after the third, when it scored three runs on two doubles.

"This is an excellent start for the Blu Girls. They might have stumbled with Mexico, but their fighting spirit is strong, and I believe that they can bounce back stronger the next time. There is no time to relax. All they have to do is focus on their goal which is to win a medal," said ASAPHIL President Jean Henri Lhuillier.

Together with the local players, Team Philippines was made stronger by the inclusion of 7 Fil-Am players namely: Garie Blando, Jaexenne Balilea, Leia Ruiz, Gabrielle Rodas, Alleah Laxamana, Gilmore, and Foti.