Silva says Sonnen will need surgery after rematch


Posted at Jul 02 2012 06:20 PM | Updated as of Jul 03 2012 02:39 AM

MANILA, Philippines – A furious Anderson Silva promised to beat up challenger Chael Sonnen in their much-awaited rematch at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 148 on July 7 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Silva, normally the epitome of calm, cool and collected, was uncharacteristically enraged during a media conference call last week, as he detailed what he planned to do to Sonnen inside the Octagon.

"I'm going to beat him again. This time, he's gonna get beat up! The small talk is over. When we get inside the cage, he's gonna swallow everyone of his teeth. 'm gonna rip tooth from tooth from his mouth. Everyone of them," Silva promised.

Silva, the UFC middleweight champion, has won 14 straight fights in the UFC, including a record nine straight successful title defenses.

But he came dangerously close to losing against Sonnen when they fought at UFC 117. For four rounds, Sonnen easily took Silva to the ground, where he unleashed vicious ground and pound on the Brazilian champion.

Silva was able to escape with his belt when he managed to lock Sonnen in a triangle choke with less than two minutes remaining in the final round of the fight.

In the build-up to their rematch, Sonnen had engaged in his usual trash talking, even insulting Silva's family, friends and homeland of Brazil. The champion seemed to have snapped, however, as he guaranteed to beat up the challenger.

"He's gonna walk out with his face broken, arms broken, legs broken. I'm gonna break him up entirely... He's gonna get his a** kicked. He's gonna get a beatdown. He'll need a stretcher to get out from the Octagon," Silva said.

"It won't be much different from the last fight. Last time, he lost. Now, he's going to lose and he'll leave the cage all broken up. He'll need plastic surgery," the Brazilian added.

Silva also called Sonnen "a criminal" and "the scum of our sport."

"This dude doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC. He's a guy who had problems with the law in America. A guy who got caught on doping. A guy that doesn’t respect anything," Silva said.

"And on the 7th of July, I'm gonna break his entire face and all his teeth. I’m gonna rip all his teeth out of his mouth," he said.