De la Hoya: I thought Manny won the fight


Posted at Jun 27 2012 08:26 PM | Updated as of Jun 28 2012 09:41 PM

MANILA, Philippines – If there’s one thing Oscar de la Hoya had to agree with Top Rank’s Bob Arum, that’s the need to get better boxing judges.

De la Hoya, who has been at odds with Arum since he put up Golden Boy Promotions, cited the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight as an example of bad judging.

Dubious decisions like that of the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley bout shows there's something wrong with the judges' scoring system, says Oscar de la Hoya.

“I think the first step in helping the sport is getting better judges, get younger judges. Go out there and recruit new judges with training. It doesn't take a lot to judge a fight,” the boxer-turned promoter said in The Desert Sun.

“When you have 99.9% of the fans watching and saying Pacquiao won, why is it you only have three judges say Bradley won? It's a matter of training these judges to make the right call.”

Just like most fight fans, De la Hoya had Pacquiao winning over Bradley.

And just like most boxing fans, he was shocked by Bradley’s split-decision win over Pacquiao.

De la Hoya said he thought Pacquiao won by seven or eight rounds.

“There's no doubt about it,” he said. “I watched it over and over again. I turned down the volume, I turned up the volume, I put it up on giant screen TV, anything. I thought Manny Pacquiao won the fight.”

Pacquiao lost his World Boxing Organization welterweight belt because of the defeat.

But despite the controversial outcome, De la Hoya is not in favor of a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch.

“People will not want to see it,” he said. “People will cry controversy once again. People will once again point the finger at Bob Arum. People will say he fixed the fight, people will say he orchestrated the rematch. Why do the rematch? Move on, move on to different fights. There was so much controversy. People will speak and they'll point the finger at Bob Arum.”

De la Hoya said Bradley should venture facing other boxers like Golden Boy fighters Amir Khan, Danny Garcia or Lucas Matthysse.

“There's a lot of options out there, a lot of great fights,” De la Hoya said. “The only thing Bob Arum and Top Rank has to do is pick up the phone and call. We have all the fighters, we have all the opponents, we have all the big fights people want to see. Pick up the phone. I'm sure Bradley wants to fight all of them.”