Griffin says taking TRT worth the risk


Posted at Jun 25 2014 07:38 PM | Updated as of Jun 26 2014 03:38 AM

For former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) was worth the risk.

Griffin, who has retired from competitive MMA in 2013, said he knew about the risks when he underwent TRT, a process now banned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

“I knew that what I was doing is bad for my body in the long run, potentially, and I was doing what the doctor gave me, so it wasn’t crazy,” he said in an interview on Boston Herald.

“I mean, you now, there’s a chance [you can] enlarge your heart, enlarge your prostate, lose your prostate, not be able to [perform sexually] after 50. So I took that into advisement in doing that.”

Griffin, who was given TRT exemption by the NSAC in 2012, chose to undergo the therapy to reach his fullest potential as an MMA fighter.

“To me, being a better fighter was worth it. It was worth even shortening your lifespan to be good at something,” he said.

Two years later, the same commission has ruled that the use of TRT is no longer allowed in competitive MMA. By then, Griffin has already retired.

The TRT ban has affected several fighters, including Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen.

Belfort was forced to back out from his MMA fight with Sonnen to clear his system.

Sonnen, for his part, was tested positive for banned substances which he used to offset the ill effects of withdrawal from TRT. The former middleweight contender was forced to retire from MMA due to the drug test result.