Algieri: Ruslan's punching power 'overhyped'


Posted at Jun 20 2014 12:25 AM | Updated as of Jun 20 2014 08:25 AM

MANILA, Philippines – New WBO junior welterweight champion Chris Algieri believes that Ruslan Provodnikov’s punching power was so overhyped that fans thought the Russian was throwing heavy punches all the time.

Algieri claimed that this is the reason why some think that Provodnikov landed the more damaging punches during their 12-round title fight.

“I think there has been kind of a fake glamorization of Ruslan's power, and everyone talks like he's this big, destructive force. So that anything he lands, people think are power punches, which isn't true,” Algieri said on 

The American boxer said Provodnikov probably knew that he was lagging behind in scoring that he chose to lighten his punches so he could land more frequently on Algieri.

“He took a lot of the power off his shots later in the fight just so he can land,” said Algieri, who edged the “Siberian Rocky” via a split decision.

“I outlanded him anyway. But when they say it's his power versus someone who doesn't hit as hard, a lot of Ruslan's punches were pawing as well. He threw some big shots in there, but not many were landing.”

When asked about having a rematch with the Russian slugger, Algieri sees no need to fight Provodnikov again.

He said both of them are looking for a big payday and he doesn’t think they will get that by fighting each other again.

“I don't think it's necessary. I think I won the fight and it's not going to make either one of us a boatload of money. And I don't think Ruslan cares that much about the title, anyway. He won a title, now he wants to go out there and make some money now and get some big fights,” he said.

“I care about the title, but I want big fights. I want to fight the biggest guys in the business. I don't think I need to fight him again.”