Nevada Commission stands by judges in Pac-Bradley

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Jun 15 2012 04:22 PM | Updated as of Jun 16 2012 06:02 PM

But vows to review judging

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) had their meeting amid the controversy of Timothy Bradley Jr.’s win over Manny Pacquiao.

At the Grant Sawyer Building of the Nevada State Offices, the commission discussed what they are going to do with the three judges of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

“...As chairman I will interview each of the judges but not an attempt or effort to second guess their professional judgment,” said Raymon Avansino, NSAC Chairman.

An agreement was strongly willed among the executive director and the other commissioners.

They all agreed that “no punishment” would be made against the three judges.

Nevertheless, the commission will review the judges’ decision on each round of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

In addition to that, the NSAC stated that they are giving the Nevada State Attorney General a free hand in probing the scoring and judging of the fight.

The NSAC is open to any protest about the fight, but as of this time, they are standing by the three judges.

“Until someone brings forward to us the evidence or suggesting that in fact they did something wrong there’s nothing really for us to review,” said NSAC Commisioner Pat Lundval.

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) and the NSAC are two different agencies.

The WBO is a sanctioning organization recognizing professional boxers, while NSAC is a regulating agency.

This means that if there are issues concerning a deceitful act in a fight, NSAC should be the one to resolve them, not the WBO.

Keith Kizer laughed off the alleged review to be conducted by WBO President Paco Valcarcel.

“It’s kind of a silly review panel. Really, it’s very silly, but he is free to do it,” said NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer.

Kizer stands by the notion that the fight was not fixed.

The last controversial outrage like the Pacquiao-Bradley fight was in 2004 during the Oscar de la Hoya-Shane Mosley bout involving a special investigation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).