'Pac-Bradley was a close, competitive fight'


Posted at Jun 14 2012 10:05 PM | Updated as of Jun 15 2012 08:15 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Boxing broadcaster Brian Kenny is stunned at the level of outrage of boxing fans and media following American boxer Timothy Bradley’s shocking win over Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas last June 9.

Kenny, who called the fight for Top Rank’s international feed, is among the few members of the boxing media who scored the bout in Bradley’s favor, 115-113.

In an interview with The Score in Chicago, as quoted by Boxing Scene, Kenny reiterated that the Pacquiao-Bradley fight was close and competitive -- not the blowout that many claimed it is.

“I’ll sit down with anybody and score it round-by-round, and I’ll be stunned to see 11-to-1 (rounds) or 10-to-2. I’d be stunned to see, ‘Oh wow, Pacquiao really blew him out,’” Kenny said.

“That’s not what I saw... It was a competitive fight,” he added.

Majority of the boxing media scored the fight as a comfortable victory for Pacquiao. But judges CJ Ross and Duane Ford scored it 115-113 for Bradley, while Jerry Roth had the same score in Pacquiao’s favor.

It was Pacquiao’s first loss since 2005, while Bradley maintained his undefeated record.

Kenny said many of the rounds were close or “swing” rounds that could be scored for either fighter.

“A lot of times in these rounds, nobody wins. This is not like a 100-meter race where someone hits the tape first. It doesn’t work that way,” he said.

Moreover, he insisted that Bradley was “landing a lot of body shots.”

“Maybe from my angle, and the judges’ angle, you don’t see the head shots that are being blocked as clearly. Maybe you see the body shots much more clearly,” Kenny said.

“Anybody that tells me Bradley wasn’t hitting anything, I just tell them, you’re flat out wrong,” he added.

According to CompuBox, Pacquiao landed 253 of 751 punches, and 190 of 493 power punches. Bradley landed only 159 of his 839 punches and 108 of 390 power punches.

Following the bout, Pacquiao said he does not think Bradley hit him with a clean shot at all during their match.

Majority of boxing media were stunned when Bradley was announced the winner, while fight fans – especially those in social media – reacted with anger.

On Twitter, #RIPBoxing became a trending topic, with many fans claiming they will not watch another match again because of the decision.

Many fans also believed that Pacquiao was “robbed” of victory and that the decision had been a “fix.”

Kenny insisted, however, that from where he sat, the fight was a close, competitive affair.

“I’m just surprised at the level of outrage. I just don’t see it, and I was several inches away from it as it happened. I don’t see how you could see that fight as a blowout,” he said.

The Nevada State Attorney General’s office is currently investigating the bout upon the request of Top Rank chief Bob Arum.

The bout is also being reviewed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the World Boxing Organization.