'Bradley won't last 6 rounds vs Marquez'


Posted at Jun 13 2012 08:14 AM | Updated as of Jun 13 2012 04:14 PM

MANILA, Philippines – If Timothy Bradley is unlikely to last 6 rounds if he is to fight counter-punching specialist Juan Manuel Marquez, the Mexican’s conditioning coach said.

Angel Hernandez, Marquez’s strength and conditioning coach, told Boxing Scene that he wants to see his ward square off against the new World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight king.

“I don’t think Bradley would last 6 rounds with my guy, but once again, it’s not up to me,” he said.

It was Hernandez who helped Marquez go up to 144 pounds in the latter’s third fight against Pacquiao.

Marquez successfully retained his speed at that weight and nearly upset Pacquiao.

Hernandez is now comparing Marquez to Bradley.

“[Bradley] was throwing punches but he didn’t have no accuracy or no power. Marquez has a lot of power and a lot of accuracy. He’s real quick right now,” he said.