Round-by-round updates of Pacquiao vs Bradley

by Dennis Gasgonia and Camille Naredo,

Posted at Jun 10 2012 12:11 PM | Updated as of Jun 11 2012 04:31 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title clash between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr. has ended.

Bradley scored a stunning upset, beating Pacquiao via split decision.

Below are round-by-round updates:

Round 1:

Pacquiao starts with a jab to Bradley, who counters with body shots. Pacquiao throws a strong left but was parried by Bradley. Both fighters are still feeling each other out. Bradley now starts to pressure Pacquiao, but Pacquiao ends the first round with a flurry of punches.

Round 2:

Bradley sneaks a punch to Pacquiao's body, then tags him with straight lefts. Pacquiao retaliates with punches to the head. Bradley jabbing, Bradley pins Pacquiao to the ropes but Pacquiao slips away. Bradley again throwing body punches, and Pacquiao hits him with shots to the head before Bradley clinches. Bradley tags Pacquiao with a combination to the head and body, before ending the round with a shot to Pacquiao's head.

Round 3:

Bradley's trainer tells him that he is controlling the fight. Bradley starts the third shots to Pacquiao's body, before clinching and throwing punches to Pacquiao's back. Bradley throwing rabbit punches while in the clinch. Pacquiao with a combination to Bradley that rattles the other fighter, and Bradley clinches again. Bradley starts jabbing before Pacquiao unloads a combination to his head. Pacquiao now starting to find his target, lands straight punches to Bradley's head. Pacquiao is mostly blocking Bradley's shots. Nice exchange as Bradley tags Pacquiao, but Pacquiao retaliates and pins Bradley to the ropes. They exchange again towards the end of the round, but Pacquiao got the better of Bradley in the round.

Round 4:

Bradley stalking Pacquiao to start the round, gets in a nice body punch before clinching. Referee pulls the fighters apart and Bradley attacks Pacquiao's body again. Pacquiao with a right hook to Bradley's head. The referee is very busy, telling Bradley to keep his punches above the waist area. Pacquiao jabs, looking for an opening, and unloads a flurry of punches on Bradley towards the middle of the round. Bradley wobbles and clinches. Pacquiao now on the attack, catching Bradley with hooks and an uppercut towards the end of Round 4.

Round 5:

Bradley jabbing at Pacquiao's head before throwing a right hook, but is still blocked by Pacquiao. Bradley jabs again, and Pacquiao tries to catch him with a hook but Bradley ducks. Pacquiao now attacking and pins him once more on the ropes before Bradley clinches. Bradley tries to fight back, and the two fighters exchange punches by the end of the round but Bradley is starting to look weary.

Round 6:

Bradley measuring Pacquiao with his jab, but Pacquiao catches him with a shot to the head. Pacquiao keeps his guard up and stalks Bradley. Pacquiao catches Bradley with a left shot and Bradley is hurt, clinches with Pacquiao. Pacquiao corners Bradley and Bradley holds again.

Round 7:

Bradley trying to attack Pacquiao and the fighters clinch, referee pulls them apart. Bradley again jabbing at Pacquiao, while Pacquiao moving his head to keep away. Pacquiao hurts Bradley towards the end of the round with punches to the head, and Bradley now has his guard up. Pacquiao blocks Bradley’s jabs, and Bradley sneaks in a straight punch to end the round.

Round 8:

Bradley jabbing at Pacquiao to start the round. Referee stops at the round at the 1:55 mark to check if there is a cut. Fight continues and Pacquaio hurts Bradley and pins him against the ropes, but Bradley returns the favor. Action goes back to the center of the ring and Pacquiao smashes his gloves together. Bradley tries for the jab again, and the fighters get tangled up. Pacquiao blocks Bradley's punches, then unloads a straight to Bradley's face. Bradley counters with a hook, but Pacquiao tags him with a combination just before the round ends.

Round 9:

Bradley starts the round on attack mode, but quickly gets defensive as Pacquiao presses the action. Bradley now tires to attack Pacquiao's body, but Pacquiao counters with combinations. The referee warns both fighters to avoid headbutts, and Bradley clinches again when action resumes. Pacquiao finds his target again and unloads a combination on Bradley's head. Bradley clinches and tags Pacquiao with rabbit punches. Pacquiao keepings his guard up and now tries to get past Bradley's guard with shots to the head. Bradley is still trying to attack Pacquiao's body, and sneaks in a good uppercut. Pacquiao counters again, targeting Bradley's head.

Round 10:

Bradley jabs at Pacquiao to start the round. Pacquiao keeping his guard up, but Bradley manages to get a shot into his head and body. Pacquiao shakes the punches off and stalks Bradley in the ring. Pacquaio unloads a combination and briefly pins Bradley on the ropes. Bradley's head gets tangled under Pacquiao's elbow and the referee briefly stops the fight. Pacquiao once again starts stalking Bradley, and Bradley sneaks a left to Pacquiao's head. Bradley jabs at Pacquiao's head and both fighters get tangled up again. Pacquiao is trying to end the round strongly as he presses Bradley, but Bradley moves away as the bell rings.

Round 11:

Roach tells Pacquiao that he let that round go and wants more punches. Pacquiao has his guard up to start the round and is looking for an opening. A fan can now be heard booing inside the MGM Grand. Bradley pins Pacquiao against the ropes but the referee pulls the fighters apart. Buboy Fernandez can be heard shouting instructions from Pacquiao's corner. Bradley attacks Pacquiao with straight rights and Pacquiao again smashes his gloves together. Pacquiao not throwing a lot of punches, just looking for an opening. Now he attacks and hits Bradley right on the face. Both fighters are in the center of the ring and exchanging. Pacquiao backs Bradley briefly in a corner but Bradley moves away before Pacquiao does any real damage.

Round 12:

Joel Diaz says the 12th round is the most critical round of the fight. Buboy Fernandez gives Pacquiao's instructions. Bradley is on the attack to start the round, while Pacquiao is stalking him. Pacquiao tries to back Bradley into a corner, but Bradley moves away and jas at Pacquiao's head. Bradley unloading punches but Pacquiao is blocking them. Bradley sneaks in shots to Pacquiao's head, and Pacquiao tries to catch Bradley but he moves away. Bradley clinches as Pacquiao throws a straight. Both fighters are exchanging punches, and Pacquiao gets the fight to the middle of the ring again. Crowd is chanting for both fighters.

The judges scored the bout 113-115, 115-113, and 115-113 for Bradley, the new WBO welterweight champion.