Pacquiao on Bradley: I'm faster and stronger


Posted at Jun 09 2012 08:49 PM | Updated as of Jun 10 2012 11:59 PM

Bradley replies: Bring it on

MANILA, Philippines – When he climbs the boxing ring this weekend, Manny Pacquiao will again rely on his tried and tested formula inside the ring: speed and power.

The mild-mannered boxer from Southern Philippines believes that these attributes will be his key in beating the younger and hungry Timothy Bradley.

“My advantage I believe is my speed," Pacquiao told RingTV at the eve of his WBO welterweight title defense. "I'm faster than him, and of course, my power also."

The fighting congressman will square off against the unbeaten American on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada (Sunday in Manila).

Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs) claimed he could pull off an upset against the heavy favorite Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 knockouts), but boxing coach Freddie Roach said he would have none of this.

Pacquiao’s ring tactician said Bradley won’t be able to match the pace of the older Filipino boxer.

"Our advantage is speed, lateral movement with Bradley. When I say speed, I don't mean hand speed, I mean foot speed. He's in and out a lot, you don't know when Manny's going to come to you. It could be a feint or you don't know when he's going to attack you," said Roach.

Bradley, however, remains unfazed despite Roach’s statements.

"This doesn't bother me at all. Not at all. Bring it on, bring it on. I'm ready to prove everybody wrong. They know how hungry and determined I am. Look at my physique. Look at how I look. I've been training hard for the fight. They're going to see tomorrow, baby."

‘Softer’ Pacquiao now cramps-free

During the traditional weigh-in ceremony, Pacquiao weighed 147 pounds, the exact weight limit for the welterweight fight. Bradley came in at 146.

Pacquiao was the heavier fighter, but looked “softer” compared to muscle-bound Bradley.

Pacquiao’s conditioning coach Alex Ariza has an explanation.

“I didn’t want him ripped this time. I didn’t want him all muscular. In the past the body fat was too low and I think that was a huge contribution to his dehydration and the cramping,” he said.

“We slowed down just with enough time for his body to bounce back. We had a good weight and didn’t try to drop kind of fast and trying to change back and forth. Physically, I think he’s ready. There’s nothing to worry about the training, that’s for sure.”

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