Julaton wants to be both MMA, boxing champ


Posted at May 27 2014 11:47 PM | Updated as of May 28 2014 05:27 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Former world champion Ana Julaton plans to establish herself as the first athlete to hold world titles in mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing.

Julaton, who had a rousing debut in "ONE FC," talked about her experience as an MMA fighter in her interview on ABC News.

The former WBO female super bantamweight champion had to pry her way out of Aya Saber’s guillotine choke before pummeling the Egyptian en route to a stoppage victory.

“I was having conversation with myself like, 'How did this happen? Why am I in this position? And oh, no she didn't," said the Filipino-American, while she was recalling her struggle against Saber. “She's really trying to secure the lock and I slammed her three times on the floor.”

Julaton said she will continue her career as a professional boxer even if she already competes as an MMA fighter.

She wants to win fight after fight with hopes of becoming the first athlete to hold simultaneously titles in both MMA and boxing.
“I wanna see myself to the fullest, I wanna see if I can be MMA champion and try to be a boxing champion,” said the Kenpo Karate expert.

Meanwhile, Julaton has received an invitation to join this year’s Philippine Independence Day celebration and parade in New York City on June 1.

According to Rich Mazon’s report on Philboxing, the Filipino-American will join the festivities related to the 116th celebration of Philippine independence. The celebration will be highlighted by the annual Independence Day Parade.

“I am excited to be coming out over in the East Coast especially in New York, it’s my first time. I know the Philippine community is huge out there and it will be an experience. I can’t wait to go there,” Julaton said.