Eluding Pacquiao bad for Floyd's career, says MMA legend


Posted at May 18 2013 10:46 PM | Updated as of May 21 2013 11:57 PM

MANILA – If there’s one thing missing in Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s boxing career, it's the bout many of the sport's fans are asking for--a clash against Filipino boxing idol Manny Pacquiao.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer Ken Shamrock said he doesn't buy Mayweather’s excuses in not taking the Pacquiao fight, especially the money split.

"I think Mayweather – and I'm not putting him down – but I think there was a little bit of a fear factor there," he said in MMA Junkie.

"I think he kind of steers himself clear of that fear factor, and I think Manny Pacquiao had all the tools Mayweather did, and that scares Mayweather.”

The 49-year-old Shamrock said never in his colorful MMA career did he walk away from a fight.

Nicknamed “The World's Most Dangerous Man,” he has seen wars against other MMA greats like Royce Gracie, Dan Severn, Bas Rutten, Maurice Smith, Don Frye and Tito Ortiz.

"I never dodged anyone, and I always took on who they put in front of me," he said.

Shamrock said the fast rise of MMA as a sport has forced boxing to produce the best fights in recent years.

He said that nowadays, it’s common for top boxers to chase the biggest fights available.

"Now these fighters are fighting each other. The only one who isn't doing that in boxing today is Mayweather. He's the only one because he controls his own destiny with his promotion and everything."

Mayweather had the chance to become the top guy in boxing but missed it by eluding Pacquiao, said Shamrock.

"In the long run, when you look at his career, there's always going to be that spot right there where he didn't take it – because he wanted to be 'the man' on that card. The only way you can be the man is to beat the man. He had that opportunity, and he steered away from it."