Rutten calls Jones a 'dirty fighter'


Posted at May 14 2014 11:03 PM | Updated as of May 15 2014 07:03 AM

MANILA – Mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Bas Rutten said Jon Jones knew exactly what he was doing when he “accidentally” eye-poked Glover Teixeira during his title defense in UFC 172.

“Maybe he was looking down when he pushed the fingers in the eye. I didn't check that. But he knows exactly what he is doing at any given time, and his fingers were definitely in his face. For a long time he was constantly rubbing them in the face," Rutten, the former UFC heavyweight champion, said in Bloody Elbow.

Jones successfully retained his UFC light heavyweight title against Teixeira, but the eye-poking incident has gotten some added attention.

UFC President Dana White initially said that the 26-year-old New Yorker will have to stop using such tactic.

White later retracted his statement and said fans were just overreacting regarding the incident.

But Rutten said Jones is a systematic fighter who wisely uses every advantage he has, and this includes eye poking.

"He is a very calm, relaxed and methodical fighter," said Rutten. Because of that, I am sorry that I have to say: yes, he is a dirty fighter.”