Floyd Sr. changes tune on Maidana rematch


Posted at May 11 2014 07:26 PM | Updated as of May 12 2014 03:26 AM

Boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Jr. no longer wants to see his son, undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr., face off against Marcos Maidana in a rematch after taking note of the Argentine brawler's MMA-like tactics.

Floyd Sr. was in his son's corner for the Maidana fight, which the American won via majority decision but not before being pushed and pressured by the Argentine for 12 full rounds.

The elder Mayweather initially told Bad Left Hook that a rematch is all right with him if either his son or Maidan wants one, but in a recent interview with Hustle Boss, it appears the controversial trainer has changed his tune.

"I don't think he should fight Maidana. That fight is not even worth it, man," said Floyd Sr.

Some analysts have wondered if Mayweather's less-than-stellar performance against Maidana was proof that the American has finally lost a step, but Floyd Sr. insisted that the bout was between a "superb, masterful boxer, fighting with an MMA fighter."

"(Maidana) hit (Floyd Jr.) in the balls. He hit him on the hips He hit him in the back of the head, was butting his eye," Floyd Sr. said. "Maidana don't deserve nothing."

"With all the stuff that Maidana did – hitting below the belt, twisting the arm, hitting behind – if I was Floyd, I wouldn’'t fight him again," he added.

Like his son, Floyd Sr. was also critical of the performance of referee Tony Weeks, who has been accused of allowing Maidana to get away with too much during the fight.

"You're not fighting a guy that is fair, and the referee is not fair either, because he's not taking no points from the man," said Floyd Sr. "I’m not saying nothing is wrong with Mr. Weeks, but that night, it wasn't right."

But Floyd Sr. also noted that his son could have readily avoided the punishment he sustained at Maidana’s hands.

"He didn't need to be doing that (brawling with Maidana). This is the first time he ever did this type of thing," Floyd Sr. lamented.

"If I would have had him, Floyd would have countered him a lot more. Plus, another thing, he did real good when he got out and walked around and he was hitting the guy with some shots," he added.

Mayweather Jr. has acknowledged that he could have simply out-boxed Maidana, but claims he deliberately chose to stand and exchange with the hard-hitting Argentine in order to give the fight fans an exciting show.