Floyd vows Maidana rematch will be different


Posted at May 07 2014 03:43 PM | Updated as of May 07 2014 11:43 PM

American superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. promised that a rematch against Argentine Marcos Maidana will be a completely different affair from their first encounter, which saw the pound-for-pound king win a difficult majority decision.

Mayweather beat Maidana to extend his perfect record to 46 fights last weekend in Las Vegas, but was forced to fight toe-to-toe by the Argentine fighter for 12 rounds. Afterwards, both fighters expressed interest in a rematch.

But Mayweather warned that if they meet a second time, he is likely to put on a boxing clinic and out-class Maidana.

"I can really just stay off the ropes totally, and just box and move," said Mayweather to Boxing Scene. "When he gets close to me, (I can) just tie him up."

"I could have done that all night. If we do fight again, it won't be the same fight. It’ll be totally different," he added.

Maidana was able to push Mayweather against the ropes and land glancing blows, though the American was still able to evade getting hit with a direct punch.

Still, Maidana's effort was enough to convince one judge to score a fight a draw, 114-114, although the two other judges scored it in Mayweather’s favor.

Mayweather's uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather, called the 114-114 card "crazy."

"The fight wasn't near that close. Floyd beat him easy. Floyd put hands on him easy, but (Maidana) fought a good fight," said Roger in a separate Boxing Scene report. "For what he wasn, he fought a good fight."

While Roger believes Maidana "deserves another fight with Floyd," he agreed with his nephew in that the rematch will be a very different affair.

"It's going to be different," the trainer said. "It's going to be way different. But I say the guy deserves a fight, because the guy put up a challenge. He wasn't one of those scary guys. He was taking chances."

Mayweather is scheduled to fight again in September.