Mark Munoz now helping train Bisping


Posted at May 06 2014 03:12 PM | Updated as of May 06 2014 11:12 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino mixed martial artist Mark Muñoz nearly fought Michael Bisping in October 2013, but "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" is now helping train the British fighter in his gym.

Following his loss to Tim Kennedy on April 16, Bisping acknowledged that he had to make some changes in his training program and has enlisted the help of Muñoz and the other fighters at the Reign Training Center.

“It’s no secret that (the Kennedy fight) didn’t go as planned,” Bisping said in an interview. “I trained hard for the fight (but)… it was a disappointing fight, obviously it was disappointing because I didn’t walk away the victor.”

Bisping said he heard the boos of the crowd during his fight with Kennedy, which saw him repeatedly get taken down. He was also unable to sustain an attack, leading to his defeat by unanimous decision.

“It was disappointing for me because it was a boring fight. I’m not used to hearing the crowds boo through one of my fights, and I don’t like that,” he said.

Bisping thus decided to head down to Muñoz’s Reign Training Center, where he was welcomed by “The Filipino Wrecking Machine.”

“It’s awesome to have him here, obviously,” said Muñoz.

“Mark Muñoz runs a great facility here, and there are a lot of guys to train with,” Bisping said.

Bisping admitted that he previously stayed away from the Reign Training Center as he was scheduled to fight Muñoz in October, but with the bout scuttled, it was time for him to seek help.

“You have to bite the bullet sometimes and swallow your pride and say, ‘Listen, the fight didn’t go as planned. I need some training partners,’” said Bisping.

“Mark was very kind and extended an invitation, and why wouldn’t I accept? It was a great training session,” he added.

Bisping currently has no fights scheduled. Muñoz, meanwhile, will reportedly face Gegard Mousasi on May 31 at UFC Fight Night.