After Pacquiao, Floyd is next on Bradley's list


Posted at May 04 2012 01:55 PM | Updated as of May 05 2012 02:57 AM

MANILA, Philippines – World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley Jr. of the United States is so sure that he can beat Filipino champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, he is already making plans to challenge Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“He’s the next one on my list,” Bradley told Examiner about Mayweather. “After I take care of Pacquiao, I’m going to take care of Floyd Mayweather next.”

Bradley will move up in weight to challenge Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight title in June, while Mayweather will challenge Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto for the World Boxing Association (WBA) junior middleweight championship this Saturday in Las Vegas.

“I think that Cotto’s going to put up a really good showing in the early rounds. If his conditioning is there, I think he can put up a good fight,” Bradley said.

“But I’m definitely going to favor Floyd Mayweather in this fight, because of just pure speed and Mayweather comes in condition,” he added.

“Good timing, cat-like reflexes, great defense and tremendous offense. I’m going to go with Floyd Mayweather on this fight.”

Although he favors Mayweather to win, Bradley noted that Mayweather is “beatable” too.

“He’s beatable. Floyd Mayweather is beatable... You can’t outbox Mayweather, you’ve just got to hit him anywhere you possibly can,” he said.

“You can’t swing at the head, you got to attack the body, stay close to him and don’t let him work. And that’s how you beat Floyd Mayweather, you keep him busy. If you keep him busy and you are able to elude the counter punches, you’re in the fight,” Bradley added.

Bradley is very confident that he can defeat Pacquiao, even saying that he expects his fight against the eight-division world champion to be “easy work.”

“I truly believe it’s going to be an easy fight. I’m not saying Pacquiao is going to lay down or whatever, but I just think that what I bring to the ring, I think it’s going to make it extremely hard for him,” Bradley said.

“You’ve got my speed, you got my power, you got my determination on top of that. It’s going to be easy work for me,” he added.