'Rashad needs to act fast vs Jones'


Posted at Apr 19 2012 09:00 PM | Updated as of Apr 20 2012 05:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Speed will be Rashad Evans’ key to beating reigning light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones.

Jones may be a lot taller than Evans, but former UFC champion Tito Ortiz said Evans can get past Jones’ guard by using his quickness and agility.

"Jones is looking very good, but Rashad is fast, man, and once he hurts you, he's on you," Ortiz said in Yahoo! Sports. "I'd like to see Rashad use his wrestling and takedowns and really mix it up." (http://sports.yahoo.com/news/mma--mailbag--jon-jones-rashad-evans-ufc-145-subplots-20120417.html;_ylt=AujGnpSnsm9XavALbZoRauY9Eo14)

Former light heavyweight ruler Quinton “Rampage” Jackson agreed with Ortiz.

Rampage, who already fought both fighters, said Evans has a clear chance of upsetting the 6-foot-4 Jones.

“Rashad is fast and can surprise you. He surprised me by faking a takedown and hitting me with a right hand, which kind of stunned me,” said Jackson.

However, Jackson said Evans will need to set up Jones real quick to win the fight.

“He has to do it right away, because the more time you give Jones, the harder it is to set him up for a punch," said Jackson.

Jones will be staking his UFC light heavyweight title against Evans on Saturday (Sunday in Manila).

The fight, which is the main header of UFC 145, takes place in Atlanta, Georgia.