Cotto won't play Floyd's games, guarantees win


Posted at Apr 19 2012 10:16 PM | Updated as of Apr 20 2012 09:29 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Puerto Rican boxing star Miguel Cotto refuses to be goaded into playing the mind games of his May 5 opponent, undefeated American superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather has been known to psych his opponents out of their game plans because of his trash talking, but Cotto told Fight Hype  that he will not fall into this trap.

“I will not play into Mayweather’s games. I’m not the type of fighter that will just fall into the games of Mayweather,” Cotto said.

He added that Mayweather wants his opponents to “behave in a certain way, responding to whatever comments he has to say.”

But Cotto is confident that he will not be psyched out by Mayweather, claiming that he is “a different fighter.”

“Come May 5th, everybody will see who, in the end, will be disappointed,” he added.

The Puerto Rican boxer also guaranteed that he will be the first boxer to inflict a loss on Mayweather’s record.

“I feel ready, I feel great. I will defeat Floyd Mayweather. I will be victorious...I trust my preparations and I trust that, whether by knockout or by decision, I will be victorious without controversy,” Cotto said.

“Everything is running according to plan, according to schedule. We will be ready to counter anything that Mayweather brings,” he added.

“There are a couple of key weeks in preparation for the fight, a couple of weeks that are still there, and when I step into the ring with Mayweather in front of me, I will be completely ready to obtain the victory.”

Cotto will defend his World Boxing Association junior middleweight title against Mayweather in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.