Roach reminds Pacquiao of 'payback' in Bible


Posted at Apr 08 2014 05:56 PM | Updated as of Apr 09 2014 01:56 AM

Boxing coach Freddie Roach admitted that Manny Pacquiao’s faith has affected the boxer’s mindset in his previous fights.

According to Roach, Pacquiao, who is due to face Timothy Bradley in a rematch this weekend, has become compassionate, refusing to finish the fight whenever he sees his opponents hurt.

“The thing is The Bible is getting in the way a little bit, but I showed him in The Bible there is violence, and there is payback," Roach said in Gareth Davies’ report to The Telegraph.

Roach said he drilled the idea on Pacquiao during the duration of their training camp for the Bradley fight, which is considered as the Filipino’s most important bout since the Oscar dela Hoya fight.

A loss to Bradley could mean the end of Pacquiao’s career.

"This is a big, big fight for him. We are in a 'must-win' situation, it's as simple as that. Some people think we are all done and we have to prove that we are not," said Roach.

But Pacquiao has received plenty of motivation from Bradley himself.

Roach noted that the American fighter must have switched Pacquiao’s killer instinct on when he went around claiming that the Filipino has already lost his “mojo.”

"What helped me a lot, was Bradley saying is that Manny does not have the 'Eye of the Tiger' any more, that he no longer has hunger to win. Bradley has motivated Manny. Manny feels embarrassed by those comments and he's ready to go," said Roach.

"He now wants payback. He has the killer instinct and I feel when he hurts Bradley in this one, he will finish him. He feels the same way about Marquez, too, by the way," he added.