Bradley: Pacquiao still has ability, but no power


Posted at Mar 31 2014 04:27 PM | Updated as of Apr 01 2014 12:27 AM

American boxer Timothy Bradley Jr. continues to question Manny Pacquiao's killer instinct in boxing, this time criticizing the Filipino boxer's tendency to show compassion for his opponents inside the ring.

In an episode of HBO's "24/7" reality series, Bradley again called into question Pacquiao’s ability to pull the trigger when he has his foe on the ropes.

"He hasn't lost any of his ability," Bradley said of Pacquiao. "I feel he lost his power. He don't have it anymore."

Bradley pointed to Pacquiao’s most recent fight – a unanimous decision win over Brandon Rios last November – as proof.

"Man, Rios laughed at him. And you know when Rios laughs, you know what he says. 'You hit like a b****.' He couldn't knock a guy out that was coming straight forward at him," Bradley said.

The American believes Pacquiao’s compassionate nature may just end up costing him in their rematch on April 12.

"He's so compassionate, man, and so caring and so loving," Bradley said of Pacquiao. "Dude, the man can't even say he's gonna knock me out."

"That type of guy don't belong in the ring," he said.

Bradley guaranteed that he will be far from compassionate when he defends his WBO welterweight belt against the "Pacman" in their rematch.

"You gotta be hungry. You gotta seek and destroy, and that's what we set out to do," said Bradley. "I'm gonna be there every minute of every round. It's either him or me."