Bradley questions Pacquiao's killer instinct in face-off


Posted at Mar 24 2014 03:50 PM | Updated as of Mar 24 2014 11:50 PM

Timothy Bradley Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. File Photo.

American boxer Timothy Bradley Jr. personally questioned Manny Pacquiao’s hunger and killer instinct when the two combatants came face to face during an episode of “Face Off with Max Kellerman.”

Bradley has said in repeated interviews that he believes Pacquiao has lost the killer instinct and hunger that once made him the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but this time, he confidently said it to Pacquiao’s face.

“That hunger that he’s looking for, it’s no longer there. It’s no longer there, and he can’t get it back. It’s gone,” said Bradley, as quoted by RingTV.

Addressing Pacquiao directly, Bradley said: “It’s gone. It is, Manny. It’s gone. Manny, you can’t even sit here and say certain things that you would like to say because of what you believe in.”

“It’s not there anymore. I truly believe that. It’s not there – that killer instinct. That’s what I’m saying.”

Bradley acknowledged that Pacquiao remains a “tremendous fighter” but no longer has the fire that he had before.

“I don’t know how he lost it. Before, he was malicious,” said Bradley. “Before, he was blazing, like, ‘I’m going to knock you out, I don’t care.’ But now, he’s in a different place.”

“I’m telling you, he’s not the same. He’s not the same. I’m telling you. He’s a tremendous fighter, like I’ve told you. He’s a tremendous fighter. But I don’t see it. I do not see it,” he stressed.

Pacquiao, for his part, only said: “I pray that God can give me that fire. Another fire. I will pray for that.”

When asked by Bradley if Pacquiao believes he can his killer instinct was still there, the “Pacman” replied. “I believe that, absolutely. I can do that, in God’s grace. Nothing is impossible with God.”

Pacquiao is attempting to avenge his controversial June 2012 split decision loss to Bradley, which was widely derided within boxing circles.

“They should watch the fight to get rid of all the question marks in their minds,” said Pacquiao. “This will answer all of the questions from the past. The last fight that we had, this is the answer on April 12.”