Veteran trainer sees 'definitive win' for Bradley


Posted at Mar 16 2014 04:53 PM | Updated as of Mar 17 2014 12:53 AM

Respected boxing trainer Naazim Richardson will not be surprised if American Timothy Bradley Jr. scores a decisive victory over Filipino ring legend Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao in their April 12 rematch.

Richardson, who was in Shane Mosley’s corner when he fought Pacquiao in 2011, told On the Ropes Boxing Radio that he expects Bradley to “beat up on Pacquiao in this fight.”

“I would not be surprised if Timmy definitively beats Pacquiao in this fight. I would not be surprised at all,” said Richardson.

“I thought Pacquiao looked good against Brandon Rios (last Novemner) but I think Brandon Rios was absolutely perfect for Manny Pacquiao,” he added.

Bradley holds a controversial victory over Pacquiao when he was awarded a highly unpopular split decision when they first fought in June 2012.

But Richardson said Bradley should win more convincingly this time.

“I’m just looking for Timmy to take a certain kind of angle with Pacquiao,” he said. “I think Timmy is going to spot it earlier, and be busier behind it.”

“He did it in the first fight to a degree, and I think he’s going to do it more in this fight,” he added.

Richardson also lauded Bradley as a fighter who simply finds ways to win.

“Timmy is a guy that finds a way to win. See, what I keep telling people – the best fighter is a fighter that no one is talking about,” said Richardson.