WBA champ wants bigger purse in Donaire fight


Posted at Mar 12 2011 10:22 PM | Updated as of Mar 13 2011 11:51 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Panamanian champion Anselmo “Chemito” Moreno snubbed an offer to fight reigning World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) bantamweight king Nonito Donaire Jr.

Moreno’s agent, Roberto Grimaldo, said in Boxingscene.com that the Panamanian boxer wanted an offer bigger than $300,000.

“He's (Moreno) not answering me,” said Grimaldo. “I left him a message on his phone asking if he was going to fight or not. I left a message today and yesterday, and he did not answer. And if he's not answering then I believe he's not interested.”

Moreno owns the World Boxing Association (WBA) bantamweight belt. Donaire wanted to fight the Panamanian boxer in an effort to become the first Asian undisputed champion.

Moreno even said that the match will be a good one, given their fighting styles.

"The fight sounds good to me. I think it will be a great fight," he earlier said.

However, the Panamanian refuses to risk his WBA title for a $300,000 purse.

Suitable purse
Grimaldo said he will try to convince his fighter to accept the offer.

"I think it is a suitable purse. It is not the best purse in the world, but it's [the] best that we could achieve,” he said.

In his last fight against Mexico’s Fernando Montiel, Donaire received a purse amounting to $350,000, which is just $50,000 higher than the amount being offered to Moreno.

Moreno’s agent wants to arrange the fight the soonest possible time to allow the fighters prepare for the May 28 bout.

“I have heard that he (Moreno) plans to train in the gym and I will be there to try to talk to him, if possible," said Grimaldo.