Marquez knows he could lose in 5th fight - analyst


Posted at Mar 10 2013 01:13 AM | Updated as of Mar 10 2013 09:13 AM

MANILA, Philippines – One of the reasons why Juan Manuel Marquez has been holding back from a fifth ring encounter with Manny Pacquiao is the possibility that he could lose to the Filipino boxer, according to a boxing analyst.

According to RingTV’s Doug Fischer, the Mexican counterpuncher is aware that he might get beat if he gets in the ring again with Pacquiao.

“The Mexico City technician knows that he could lose a fifth bout, maybe by knockout,” Fischer said in Dougie’s Friday Mailbag.

In his past statements, Marquez said he wasn’t keen in fighting Pacquiao again since he already knocked out the Filipino during their fourth fight last December.

It was the Mexican’s first win against the Filipino superstar in their eight-year rivalry.

“I think for me, there is no point,” Marquez said. “We already achieved the desired result.”

Fischer cited that it took a big risk for Marquez to score the sixth-round knockout against Pacquiao.

“I agree that Marquez took a gamble that paid off by looking for the one big shot against Pacquiao in their fourth showdown, but he had to pay the price for that strategy as evidenced by his busted nose and bloody face after six rounds,” said the boxing analyst.

If Marquez agrees for a fifth fight, he’s guaranteed to earn the biggest paycheck in his storied career.

Aside from that, Fischer said, the Mexican enjoys a certain advantage going into the bout.

“He also knows that he’s got a psychological edge over the Filipino icon having just knocked his rival out and having never been stopped himself.”