Analyst makes case for Marquez-Pacquiao V


Posted at Mar 06 2013 10:32 PM | Updated as of Mar 07 2013 06:32 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Juan Manuel Marquez may consider fighting Timothy Bradley or Brandon Rios, but he’ll eventually go after Manny Pacquiao.

According to fight analyst Alex Groberman of Opposing Views, Marquez is already at an age where he could not afford to be picky with his opponents.

“Marquez has one to two fights left in him. Does he really want to go out not maximizing his possible earnings?” Groberman said in a commentary.

He said both Bradley and Rios can’t match Pacquiao’s pay-per-view numbers, which is why the Filipino remains as the best option for the Mexican.

Groberman also pointed out that there are other factors to consider aside from the business side of the fight.

For one, he said both Bradley and Rios may not be available to fight until late 2013.

“Bradley is not available for an early-to-mid 2013 bout. He is taking on Ruslan Provodnikov next month,” said Groberman. “Rios, similarly, is also booked – he has another date with Mike Alvarado scheduled for the end of March.”

This means, Marquez will have to sit out until the end of the year just to fight any of the two boxers. And for a fighter nearing 40, inactivity can prove to be costly, said Groberman.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, is already looking to fight as early as April.

“Marquez’s options for this year read as follows: Pacquiao, Pacquiao and Pacquiao. That’s it,” said Groberman.

Any talks about Marquez against Bradley or Rios may only be part of a charade, he added. “Any smoke and mirrors-type stuff that his camp does between now and the time they inevitably agree to a fifth fight, it’s all for show,” he said.