'Rigo' gets US Anti-Doping Agency for Donaire fight


Posted at Feb 22 2013 07:17 PM | Updated as of Feb 23 2013 03:17 AM

MANILA – Guillermo Rigondeaux finally signed the drug testing papers for his fight date with Nonito Donaire, but not without conditions.

According to RingTV’s Ryan Songalia, Rigondeaux’s camp negotiated the option for an additional testing with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Based on his initial agreement with Donaire, the Cuban will undergo testing through the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), the same agency that conducts year-round random screening on the Filipino.

But Rigondeaux delayed signing the VADA papers, prompting Donaire to initially back out from their fight press conference on Thursday.

“It's not about that I'm doubting if he's dirty, it's more of this is what this guy [agreed to]," said Donaire.

The delay drew the suspicion of Donaire’s nutritionist, Victor Conte.

He said that Rigondeaux’s camp wanted the VADA agreement to be in Spanish.

He added that the Cuban’s team also wanted Donaire’s supplement bottles and containers tested.

Conte said Rigondeaux placed himself in trouble because of the drug testing delays.

“It makes it look like you have a reason to delay,” he said.

“They need to understand that Nonito is the star attraction here.  Nonito’s been very upfront about this since early on in the negotiations,” explained Conte.