DyanFit: Eat small frequent meals to drop weight

By Dyan Castillejo

Posted at Feb 21 2014 10:25 AM | Updated as of Feb 24 2014 01:15 AM

Eating smaller portions of good quality and nutrient-rich food more often during the day is the way to go to drop weight, improve body quality and have more energy. I really feel best when I do this. Rather than eating bigger heavy meals three times a day, I prefer to eat more often— five to six smaller meals and getting a good variety so I get more vitamins and minerals.

This is not always possible because of hectic work skeds but to have a better chance of achieving this, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you bring your food in the morning to eat throughout the day so wherever you are, you can eat healthy and won’t be forced to just take in whatever is available that could be junky because you are so hungry.

Here's something I would eat for lunch or anytime during the day. I may even have it for breakfast:

Grilled or steamed cobbler fish sautéd in olive oil with onions, black beans and cilantro. Veggies are a combination of celery, asparagus, carrots and string beans all lightly cooked in olive oil, plus half cup multigrain rice with pieces of corn, carrots and peas.

Some of my favorite picks for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack:

Multigrain bread with peanut butter and honey and apple slices or Multigrain pita bread filled with mixed veggies

Another good small size portion idea is Tuna with Egg and Broccoli.

Tuna in water sautéd in olive oil with onions, garlic and black olives; Egg white scramble topped with mix herbs; and Steamed broccoli flower with a dash of salt

Enjoy the light healthy energetic feeling all day! Happy eating!

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