Arum rips Floyd for 'humiliating' Khan


Posted at Feb 20 2014 09:59 PM | Updated as of Feb 21 2014 05:59 AM

Top Rank chief executive Bob Arum is once again criticizing American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., this time over the pound-for-pound king’s allegedly “disgraceful” treatment of British boxer Amir Khan.

Mayweather has made Khan sweat for months now as the younger boxer waits for confirmation of their May 3 fight. Khan was originally considered the front-runner, although Argentina’s Marcos Maidana is now also in the running.

Last week, Khan won a poll on Mayweather’s website wherein the American asked his fans to choose who between the two boxers would be his opponent. Despite this, no word has come out from the Mayweather camp regarding the bout.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Arum called out Mayweather on his actions, saying the American has been humiliating Khan.

“What he has done to Amir Khan is absolutely disgraceful, whether he ends up fighting him or he doesn’t,” said Arum. “My feeling is he is not going to fight him, but it’s disgraceful to do that to another human being because you are in a position to do that, just because he has the power where you can do something like that.”

“Amir Khan has put himself in a position where he can be humiliated. He’s like a laughingstock. Terrible. Absolutely terrible,” he added.

Arum also ripped the boxing media for allowing Mayweather so much leeway.

“If a promoter did it, the press would be all over them. They have allowed Mayweather to get away with this s***. It’s terrible,” he said.

“They have twisted the kid in the wind. Mayweather should be ashamed of himself,” Arum added.

The Top Rank promoter also expressed his belief that Mayweather has no intention of fighting Khan any way. “I think he will fight Maidana,” he said.

Arum offered some advice to Khan, telling the boxer to “cut your ties with these people” – referring to promoters Golden Boy.

“Get another promoter. Maybe go back to (promoter) Frank Warren, get another opponent, and tell them to p*** off,” he said.

Arum’s advice to Khan irked Golden Boy chief executive Richard Schaefer, who, in an interview with Boxing Scene, essentially told Arum to mind his own business.

“He is better off dealing with his own stuff,” Schaefer said of Arum. “As far as it relates to Amir Khan, me and Amir have a very special relationship. He knows that I have his back. I have been with him through the ups and downs.”

“We have a friendship, which is something that Bob does not understand,” he added.

Schaefer also assured that if Khan does not end up fighting Mayweather, he has a Plan B set up for the British boxer.

“There are plenty of things for Amir Khan,” he said. “If Floyd is going to decide on Maidana, then Amir is going to have another fight. And if Floyd is going to fight Khan, then Maidana is going to have another fight. These are big names, big stars, and there will always be other fights.”