DyanFit: Get lean, shapely arms before summer

By Dyan Castillejo

Posted at Feb 18 2014 03:42 PM | Updated as of Feb 21 2014 06:21 PM

Good news! You can get rid of your FLABBY ARMS and turn them into strong shapely arms. You will feel good while wearing sleeveless tops. NO need to hide your arms in loose tops if you follow this 10-minute routine, at least three times a week plus healthy eating. See and feel the difference!

The BONUS? This routine also works your abs at the same time. You don't need heavy equipment, just your own body weight and 2-pound dumbbells. Add passion and determination to your workout and get the results that you want.

Note: Here are some healthy food choices you can focus on to help ahieve your goal: lean chicken, fish, tofu, beans, eggs, veggies, fruits, whole wheat bread, pasta, wheatgrass, protein powder and lots of water.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you go. Enjoy!

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