Khan: Floyd fight not just about money


Posted at Feb 17 2014 06:20 PM | Updated as of Feb 18 2014 02:20 AM

British boxer Amir “King” Khan continues to wait for confirmation that he has landed a high-profile fight against American superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr., which he says is a matter of pride for him.

Khan recently won a poll that Mayweather conducted, wherein the American asked his fans to choose who he should fight next – Khan or Argentina’s Marcos Maidana. But no official announcement has been made, and Khan has been made to wait.

Speaking to The Sweet Science, Khan said he has been preparing to fight Mayweather for quite some time now.

“Look, man, if they want to fight, I’m here,” he said. “Okay? We’re working in the gym. Floyd knows that I am preparing for him and no one else. And if for some reason he doesn’t fight me, then I really believe he is worried.”

Khan acknowledged that fighting Mayweather comes with great financial gain, as the American’s foes usually earn career-high purses.

“The rewards of money come with fighting Floyd Mayweather. I appreciate that. He is such a high-profile fighter,” said Khan.

He insists, however, that money is not the sole reason for his desire to fight Mayweather.

“It’s also about pride,” he stressed. “I want to beat Floyd. I know where that fight could take me. A lot of people say that Floyd is invincible. I know for a fact that he will get hit numerous times against me. I’m too fast for him.”

“Look, financially, I’m set. I’m blessed. I have made a lot of money in boxing and planting money in real estate. I am very fortunate that way. I have a great team around me. But this fight is also about pride for me. I think he knows that,” he added.

Khan admitted that he put up a Floyd Mayweather poster in his gym in the United Kingdom, and said it would mean a lot to him to fight – and possibly beat – a fighter that he has long admired.

“He is a great champion. I still like watching him. He is a great fighter. The only reason I want to fight him is because I see something in his style that I could take advantage of,” he said.

“At the end of the day, you have to look at his record. He has fought the best out there. To have the opportunity to fight a guy like him… He is the best fighter I watched growing up, you know,” he added.

“I always wanted to see how I could do against the best.”

The former light-welterweight champion also has an idea why Mayweather has dragged out his decision-making for the fight, which will take place on May 3 in Las Vegas.

“It’s a mind game to him,” said Khan. “He knows this is a challenging fight for him. I am not coming to get a paycheck. I am coming to beat him.”