Ariza wants 'distraction-free' Pacman for Mosley fight


Posted at Feb 12 2011 08:34 PM | Updated as of Feb 13 2011 11:57 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Conditioning coach Alex Ariza hopes Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao already learned his lesson from his subpar training camp for his recent fight with Antonio Margarito.

Ariza told that distractions have affected Pacquiao’s preparations against the Mexican boxer despite the Filipino's win by a lopsided decision.

The conditioning coach said that although Pacquiao defeated Margarito, the Filipino champion absorbed considerable beating from the bigger Mexican.

Ariza said that the 8-division champion has paid the price because of his inconsistent training.

“You can have a good program and make it great by working consistently,” said Ariza, who will against work with Pacquiao for the Shane Mosley fight on May 7. “You can have a phenomenal program and, if you’re not consistent, make it bad program. Everything I do is about consistency. Unfortunately, it’s not easy.”

The conditioning coach said Pacquiao said there will be no more inconsistencies when they prepare against Mosley.

“I told Manny, ‘If that’s the way you want to train, you’re better off without me.’ He said, ‘No no, bro. Never again.’”

Even boxing coach, Freddie Roach, admitted that Pacquiao’s training for the Margarito fight was lacking because the Filipino was juggling his time with his boxing workouts and other commitments in the Philippines.

Pacquiao, a world class boxer, has been elected as a congressman for the lone district of Sarangani province.

But when the training was moved to California, Roach said Pacquiao has regained his focus.

“He was like a machine,” Roach said. “He did his thing, got in shape like he always does. I just think he did a little too much too close to the fight, that’s all.”

Roach said Pacquiao has promised to keep away from distractions so they will have no trouble handling Mosley.

“This time, we talked, there’ll be less distractions in the Philippines. We’re going to do four weeks there and four weeks in L.A. He’ll be ready.”

Roach, earlier, said that they should not underestimate the 39-year-old Mosley.

He said the American boxer remains a threat because of his punching power, speed and experience.