Khan, Maidana not in Floyd's class: trainer


Posted at Feb 10 2014 07:28 PM | Updated as of Feb 11 2014 03:28 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Outspoken boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. is not concerned about who his son, unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., will fight on May 3, be it Britain’s Amir Khan or Argentina’s Marcos Maidana.

That’s because Floyd Sr. believes neither fighter is on the same level as his son, the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.

“It doesn’t make a difference to me with either one of them because, Marcos Maidana, he’s not in Floyd’s class either,” the trainer told On the Ropes Boxing Radio when asked as to his preference.

“He (Maidana) might be better than Khan, but he ain’t better than Floyd,” he added, noting that Khan actually defeated Maidana when they fought in 2010.

Floyd Sr. said neither Khan nor Maidana is good enough to give his son a challenge come fight time.

“Both of them know the deal. Any of them guys, they aren’t slick enough, clever enough, smooth enough,” Floyd Sr. said. “None of them can do nothing with Floyd, none of them.”

“Floyd ain’t even in their class, there’s a whole different class. Floyd’s an A+ class, and these guys are Cs and Ds,” he added.

Mayweather had asked his fans to choose who between Maidana and Khan will be his opponent for May 3, and though he has yet to announce a winner, his father said the champion was already in training.

“My son was in the gym the other day,” Floyd Sr. said. “He started the other day when he got up, he asked, ‘Daddy, do you think it’s all right what I’m doing right now?’”

“I said, ‘Yep, you’re doing it right, keep doing what you’re doing.’ He just started the other day. He has started the training now.”