White says UFC ready for gay fighter


Posted at Jan 28 2013 07:16 PM | Updated as of Jan 29 2013 03:16 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White is confident that the company and most of its fighters will not have a negative reaction if a fighter decides to come out as gay.

In a wide-ranging interview with Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated, White was asked if he was ready for a gay UFC fighter.

“If somebody came out and said they were gay, I couldn’t care less,” White answered. “It would be interesting to see the reaction from the other fighters, but I don’t think it would be that big a deal.”

The famously outspoken White stressed that he “could care less if one of our guys came out and said he was gay.”

“(It) wouldn’t change my opinion of him at all,” he said. “I guarantee you we would probably get a lot more of the gay market tuning in to follow.”

“Look at anybody who has come out and admitted that they’re gay. There is a pretty big support group in the gay community,” he noted.

White believes that most of the fighters in their sport would not care if a fighter came out as gay, but warned that there will be some who “are going to say some stupid sh*t.”

“And when they do, the gay community can’t go crazy about it. It’s going to happen. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions,” White said.

“What if somebody said I’m not fighting him because he’s gay?” Wertheim asked White.

The UFC president answered: “Yeah, you are. You’re fighting him.”