Belfort: Bisping won't pull off surprises


Posted at Jan 17 2013 09:18 PM | Updated as of Jan 18 2013 05:18 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Brazilian MMA legend Vitor Belfort said he doesn’t expect his opponent, trash talking Briton Michael Bisping, to pull off any surprises when they battle it out in UFC on FOX this weekend.

He said that after 17 years of MMA, nothing surprises him anymore.

“There's nothing Bisping can do to me that I haven't already seen. I've fought guys 360 pounds, 240 pounds, and I've been in all kinds of situations in life. Nothing's going to happen in that cage that I'm not ready for,” Belfort told Fight Hype.

Bisping has repeatedly bashed the Brazilian fighter, claiming that he’ll turn the latter into a human punching bag.

But Belfort has managed to keep his cool.

“The only thing I can say is that he's fought a lot of good guys, good competition, and I'm looking forward to beating him on the 19th,” said Belfort.

In any case, Belfort will be enjoying the support of the crowd since the fight will take place in his native Brazil.

Aside from the hometown advantage, Belfort said he’ll reap the benefits of his training come fight night.

“Nothing, nothing, nothing I'm going to face in the Octagon I haven't faced in training, so I'm very comfortable there.”