Dillinger denies strangling Abueva


Posted at Jan 14 2014 06:23 PM | Updated as of Jan 15 2014 02:35 AM

Says he merely scolded ‘The Beast’

MANILA – Meralco forward Jared Dillinger refuted allegations that he went for Calvin Abueva’s neck when they clashed during the Alaska-Meralco game last week.

The 6-foot-5 Filipino-American said he merely pushed Abueva down the cushioned railing after they got tangled on their way down at the fourth quarter of the match.

“I never put my hand around Calvin’s throat … not even close to that. I pinned him down, but that was the most I did,” said Dillinger in an interview with Spin.ph’s Snow Badua.

Alaska’s Abueva and Dillinger nearly traded blows after colliding midair while the Filipino-American was driving to the basket.

Dillinger held Abueva’s jersey after the collision, sending both of them crashing on the railing behind the basket post.

The Meralco player ended up with a busted nose after apparently getting hit by Abueva on their way down.

“We both lost our momentum. I grabbed him, he came up over me. You can’t control that. But I got an elbow, a poke in the eye, a hit in the face… Now, I don’t know if it was intentional," said Dillinger.

He said the move prompted him to confront Abueva by “scolding” the former San Sebastian College standout.

He added that nobody could have stopped him if he intended to hurt “The Beast.”

“I told him, ‘Boy, you need to respect me, and you need to respect the game!’ And then he didn’t respond. That was it!" he said.

“If it was my intention to hurt Abueva, it could have been worse. Nobody can stop me. But I am not that type. I can’t just go out there and run amok. Sorry, that’s not me,” he added.